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Our story goes back to 1993…when our company president and founder Garry Cooper first realized the value of advertising at curb side. As the owner of a small travel agency, he soon understood how important it was to gain the attention of those driving by. He realized that those passersby were the ones most likely to stop into the travel agency and do business. Having a background in the newspaper industry, Garry was keenly aware that while other forms of media have value, they tend to be expensive, and in many cases, such advertisements are viewed by people at a time and place far removed from the place of business. In contrast, the advertising that is displayed on-site, at or near the location of the business, proves to be the most cost effective.

This realization prompted Garry to work on development of innovative curbside advertising products, a passion that has continued for 20 years. The innovative curb side products that he has developed have sold in markets throughout Canada and into the USA and are in use daily, drawing curbside attention to thousands of businesses, both small and large.


Curbex Ltd., was founded with the vision that curb side advertising did not have to be limited to the technology of past years. New technologies, have opened the door for our new generation of innovative, amazingly cost -effective, premium quality advertising products that are truly a pleasure to offer to our clients. Along with our franchised associates, our corporate team is innovation focused and keenly interested in helping promote your business. We are excited to offer you cost-effective advertising products that reflect your unique and valuable brand. After many years of product and systems development Curbex is moving into an expansion phase.

We are proud to offer an exciting business opportunity to new franchisees in territories that will take us across Canada. Our exclusive training program, based on years of research, ensures that our franchisees have the tools and expertise to offer powerful on-site sign and advertising products that will drive customer traffic. We specialize in on-site, up-close promotion of your business. Whether its with vehicle graphics that stir conversations or  premium quality print marketing products, we understand the value of advertising to those with whom you come into close contact with every day. Our franchisees are equipped with state-of-the-art “SkyTruks” so that installation of signage and advertisements are not limited to ground level! Whether its window signage, banners & flags, channel letters and light boxes…our expert installers are equipped to serve you.  Please enjoy the contents of our website and accept our invitation to contact us with your inquiries.


The success of Curbex is attributed to the hard work, skill and dedication of our staff, and on our team of advisors that are striving to make Curbex a company that is a valuable contribution to the business community.