We like to stay ahead of the curve, not only with our sign process but also with technology. Behind the scenes, our amazing IT team is continuously working hard to develop new software and applications to better our internal teams and provide more efficient services to our clients. Which brings us to our newest release, the Curbex Installer App. This application runs through Apple iOS which now all our drivers and installer have access to via brand new Apple iPhones.

Why is this release so important to us? Here are the top reasons why this app sets Curbex apart:

1. All Campaigns are Captured Digitally

The Curbex Installer App provides us with remote access to our Corporate Management Platform (which holds important information of all of our client campaigns) and allows us to digitally track our campaign assets nationwide.

2. Signs are Always Installed in the Right Place

We’ve incorporated geofencing technology to ensure our sign installers never place the sign in the wrong spot. Geofencing is a software that allows us to use real-time GPS coordinates of all signs being installed.

3. Virtual Photo Access

By combining the geofencing with photo capturing of all sign installations, our staff and clients now have real-time virtual photo access to all installation and sign pickups to ensure all signs are in the right place without having to physically visit the advertising location.

4. Barcode Accuracy

Every single sign face we produce is labeled with a barcode to ensure 100% product placement accuracy. When one of our sign installers scan the barcode they will see a picture of the sign that is currently on location along with a proof of the sign that is to be installed as its replacement.

5. Routing to Increase Timeliness

The Curbex Installer App is fully optimized to increase the effectiveness of sign installations for our drivers. For example, if you have an advertising campaign with multiple sign dropoff/installation locations, our drivers will have have the full list of locations with best routes available directly through the application.

Features in the Making

Our amazing IT team is currently working to improve the effectiveness of this application by providing all clients with automatic emails when signs are installed. These emails will include the exact location along with a photo of newly installed campaigns. The future of the Installer App also calls for augmented reality! You’ll have to stay tuned to learn more about that one. 🙂

We are excited about this application as we know it will help our staff streamline our internal process as well as provide clients with real-time information of the status of their advertising campaigns.