A few members of the Curbex team made it down for a beautiful morning at Angus UN Peacekeeper’s Park and Base Borden. The completion of the new 18 honorary pedestals Curbex installed at the park was perfect timing for the UN Peacekeeper’s Park Parade that marched to Base Borden for the centennial celebrations. Peacekeeper’s Park includes the memorial wall Curbex installed in 2012.

Angus UN Peacekeeper's Park at Base Borden - Curbex Sign Donation

Curbex in the Community:

Curbex has donated or supplied heavily discounted signage for many years to many community organizations in the area. Most notably is the Oro African Church signage donated in summer 2016. The commemorative park houses several memorials to each of the UN Peacekeeper’s missions over the past decades, as well as a remarkable stone wall, carved with an honour roll of those killed from 1951 to present; 274 names in total. The Take a tour in the beautiful drone footage below.

When Curbex president, Garry Cooper, was first approached with the project of creating the memorial wall, he immediately jumped on board. Garry and the Curbex team co-ordinated the project and were able to reduce the price of the project from $100,000 to just $40,000. The remainder of the cost was fund-raised by the Huronia chapter of the Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping.

“He has put his heart and soul into it,” Says Fern Taillefer, vice-president of the Huronia chapter of the Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping “He has persuaded other businesses involved to either donate or discount materials.”

If you are unable to visit Peacekeeper’s Park in Base Borden, the above drone footage is a great way to experience the wonderful park. This website has a complete list of the honour roll names for those interested.