There’s something to be said about repetition in advertising. Whether it’s the same ad in several different places, or several slightly different ads at the same location. Using repetition is a proven advertising tactic for getting your message to your consumer.

Large brands and franchise locations across Canada work with Curbex’s Campaign Team on a regular basis to see this advertising technique come to fruition. From Tim Horton’s Smile Cookies, to The Wine Shop’s summer wine “bucket list”, to McDonald’s Bagel Sandwiches. Pizza Pizza, Mr Lube, Dulux Paint, Harvey’s, Party City and H&R Block are just some of the other brands collaborating with our campaign team. Every location seamlessly receiving signage on the same day. Locations in all different provinces? This seems like no small feat but for Curbex, this is all in a days work!


But I’m a Small Business Owner.

You don’t need to be part of a franchise or a large corporate company to use this advertising technique! First of all, do you have a brand, message or promotion? Second of all, do you want people to know about this brand, message or promotion? Perfect! You have what you need to get started.

What Options Do I Have?

Curbex Account Managers can take a look at your location and come up with several different options. We can combine both rental and retail products with your branding to create a tasteful display of advertising. From the Mini B, to flags, to window graphics and in-store solutions.

Want to spread your message to other locations as well?

No problem! Curbex’s off-site ad spaces give you the opportunity to continue the repetition of your branding in surrounding areas. Let your Account Manager know your target area. There are solutions around every corner!