Terms & Conditions

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Payment Required at Time of Booking Confirmation. Upon submitting an order request through this website and providing payment, this is confirmation to proceed with permit submission and graphic design. If you wish to cancel your order at any time, Curbex reserves the right to charge applicable fees such as permits and print fees. Credit Card is the preferred method of payment. Any default in payment will be handled on a case by case basis and could result in an administration charge by Curbex.
Delivery & Installation
Curbex will deliver and install all signage at the municipally approved sign location. In areas that we do not receive specific sign placement approval from the municipality, the sign will be placed in the location agreed upon with the client. In case of obstructions, landscaping and other signage located in or around the agreed upon location, Curbex reserves the right to place the sign in another bylaw compliant spot. If the client requests a service such as a move during the rental period, Curbex reserves the right to charge a fee. All signs will be installed on the start date and removed on the end date of the rental/permit period; there is no guaranteed time of installation or removal of signage. Rentals will not be prorated based on this.
Fees & Taxes
In addition to rental fees and any other service charges, such as change fees or graphic design fees that are payable to Curbex, the customer agrees to pay any applicable municipal permit fees, landlord administration fees and taxes as applicable and as first set out in writing by Curbex prior to the beginning of the rental term. A Fuel Surcharge may be applicable in certain regions and during certain seasons. It is the sole discretion of Curbex to apply these fees.
Landlord Permission
The Customer certifies that it has obtained the approval of the landlord of the property on which the sign is to be installed and shall; upon request by Curbex present a written letter of consent for the placement of the sign.
Maintenance of Signs
Unless otherwise agreed by Curbex and the Customer in writing, a licensed Curbex installer will conduct any service or repair to the sign during the rental period. Curbex has the right to enter the customer’s property to service and inspect the signage at any time during the course of the rental period.
It is the customers’ responsibility to report any vandalism, tampering or damage to the signage to Curbex. Curbex will respond immediately to repair any damage caused by vandalism or other unforeseen circumstances.
Liability & Insurance
Curbex maintains a minimum of $5,000,000 general liability insurance coverage in connection with the placement of the rental sign at the location in which the sign was delivered and installed. The customer is not permitted to re-locate the sign. Any re-location of the sign by the customer or by a third party under the direction of the customer will void the liability of Curbex in connection with the secure placement of the sign. Provided that the Customer has not relocated or tampered with the sign, Curbex shall be solely responsible for any damage caused to the sign as a result of vandalism or inclement weather.
Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, the signage will not be used and/ or moved to another location by the client or another party. Curbex has the rights to remove the signage at any time in which the client will not be prorated for any lost advertising or permit days. If it is determined that the signage is being used for a purpose other than what was presented by Curbex, the same terms will apply.
Graphic Design Standards
Curbex reserves the sole right to determine the standard for graphic and message content to be displayed on its signs. Curbex has the right to refuse to display or allow the display of content that it deems may be offensive to any members of the community, harmful to its own image, or that in any way violates the provisions of any law. Curbex may, at its sole option determine whether, or whether not to accept a graphic design or any portion of a design from a customer to be displayed on the sign. The customer shall not, without prior written consent of Curbex at any time take it upon itself to alter, add to or remove any portion of the advertisement as displayed on the sign by Curbex, and shall not attach banners or any other message display elements to the sign. Curbex is not responsible for content changes made by outside parties after the sign has been installed. Curbex reserves the right to charge a fee under these circumstances.
Cancellation of this agreement must be made in writing to Curbex (14) fourteen days before the start of another contract rental period. If cancellation is not received, via writing, the rental will automatically renew for the agreed upon initial contract duration. The customer must pay in full upon termination, all outstanding payments, permit fees and taxes. In the event that Curbex offers the customer a discounted rental rate based on a long-term rental period; the discounted rate will apply only in cases where the customer continues to rent the sign for the full duration of the agreed upon term. In the event that the customer terminates the rental during the agreed upon rental period, or in the event that the customer fails to pay the amounts due, in advance of each monthly period, then the normal short term rental rate will be applied and payable by the Customer including but not limited to the Customer being required to pay in full for any design or print fees that were reduced in price based on a long term rental agreement.
Rental Duration
“Monthly Rental” refers to a permitted duration as per the city bylaw. Cities/Products where no permits are required or have annual contacts, will follow the 28-day “Monthly Rental”
The main form of all communication is via email. Unless otherwise noted in writing, the Customer agrees that any orders (current or future) made in writing via email, are considered agreed upon and do not require an additional signed order form. In addition, by providing us with your email address you will also be added as a subscriber to our mailing list which will provide you with news, updates as well as any promotions or special events. You will be provided with the option to op-out of receiving these emails.